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To create a MyHealthNB account, you must:
  1. have a Canadian Health Card number (NB Medicare or other)
  2. be at least 16 years of age
    • Parents/guardians are able to add their child(ren) (under 16 with an NB Medicare number and a Registration Code) after they have created their own account.
  3. have a unique personal email address that will be used as your Username
  4. enter a Registration Code (required to view your COVID-19 information)
  • If you did not receive a Registration Code and received at least one vaccination in New Brunswick, you can enter:
  • IR followed by one of your vaccination dates (formatted as YYYYMMDD)
  • For example, if you were vaccinated on June 22, 2021, enter this as your Registration Code: IR20210622
  • Be sure to use a vaccination date that was at least 5 days ago to ensure that your vaccination record has been processed and the date can be verified

NOTE: The paper Record of COVID-19 Immunization you received when you were vaccinated is accepted proof of vaccination.
Have an account but can’t see your own information? Login and click Add Access to enter the Registration Code (see note above).

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