Terms of use MyHealthNB COVID-19

Before you can login to MyHealthNB to access your COVID19 test results, important instructions and information, you must register and create a MyHealthNB account. To create your MyHealthNB account you must read and accept all of the statements (terms of use) below and agree that you will:

  • give true, correct and complete information needed on the registration screen
  • accept your identity will be verified based on your Medicare Card
  • follow the instructions in the verification email that is sent and confirm that the email you provided is yours and is valid.
  • recognize that you are always responsible for your login information (i.e. username, password) even if you change it
  • keep your login information for yourself and will not share it with others
  • contact us immediately if you think your login information has been used by someone other than you
  • not use your own or someone else's login information for any illegal or improper purposes
  • not use the services in a way that could hurt others or the system itself
  • accept that access to a child’s information who is under 16 and under your legal custody will be restricted to their COVID-19 test results (updated November 5, 2020)
  • accept that eHealthNB keeps an eye on accesses to MyHealthNB accounts and their utilization
  • accept that your account can be suspended or cancelled if inappropriately used
  • accept that Public Health will be able able to verify that you have accessed your results (updated May 21, 2020)
  • accept that Public Health will be able to verify that you have accessed a child’s under 16 COVID-19 test results in your capacity as their parent/guardian (updated November 5, 2020)
  • not use the services to access your child's aged 16 and over COVID-19 test results (updated May 21, 2020)